It is currently the most stable and most practical method for coating the surface of the ground. The use of granite blocks solves the problem of drainage ounce and forall. It is also resistant to all weather conditions including harsh winters and cold frost. The rough texture of granite blocks make slipping a thing of the past. You can also use our cobblestone on your driveway.

Depending on your needs cobblestone can be packed in bags or sold in bulk. It also can be delivered in tip-carts or regular trucks (maximum of 24 tons).

The granite stone which we use is mainly quarried in the Strzegom area, but we also offer other types of both granite and marble imported from all over the world. We would like to note that the material is imported but processed in our factory. We have specialized machinery and equipment for processing and cutting stone. Depending on your needs we offer different processing techniques including flame blasting granite, bush-hammering, sanding and polishing. By combining different types of processing you can obtain interesting and eye-catching combinations at a very favorable price.

A large part of our production (in particular, granite paving, granite slabs, granite curb, building elements of granite and other granite elements) is exported to Western European countries such as Germany, Austria, Sweden.


• 4/6 cm= 8,5 m²

• 7/9 cm= 5,5 m²

• 9/11 cm= 4,5 m²

• 15/17 cm= 2,7 m²


• Grey, yellow-grey, yellow, red, black.

granite cobblestone