If you are searching for a granite curb provider, you can count on us. We have extensive experience with this type of material. It is fully compliant with the Polish and European standards. Its quality also remains without reservation. Quality and performance are fully confirmed by the Research Institute of Roads and Bridges.

Granite curbs are the most durable product used in the construction of roads, bridges and other infrastructures. It is a material which has more strength and greater performance than concrete. The use of this type of material insures your investment will remain intact for many years.it is extremely durable, even the coldest of winters and the heaviest of truck tire are not able to significantly damage the granite.

Standards and certifications: Our curbing material meets both the Polish and European standards. It was used on a number of investments before EURO 2012. Our quality control insures our company never ships substandard products.


Vertical Granite Curb

Sloped Granite Curb

Granite Curb for Bridges

Standardized Vertical Curb Corners

Granite Rubble Pavement Blocks

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