A beautiful staircase will decorate any home. An outside staircase can enhance the beauty of any entranceway and adds an element of charm and will also make a great first impression to all visitors.

Stairs made of granite and marble are used outdoors because of the weather resistance as well as the practicality of use. The customer has the choice of product structure which affect its slip resistance. And so, in the case of granite steps we can make a rough surface, roasted, matt or polished.

A polished stone staircase is recommended for the interior because it is glossier and is much more pleasing to the eye. There is no fear of slipping with our non-slip exterior stairs ,Even the fiercest weather conditions will not make it slippery. For homes with more open space why not consider the option of a marble staircase. It is a true gem in every home.


• inside / marble and granite

• outside / marble and granite